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Paola Ceroni

Photochemical Nanosciences Group


As part of the Photochemical Nanosciences Laboratory, the research activity of Paola Ceroni is focused on photo- and redox-active supramolecular systems and nanoparticles. The most commonly investigated systems are dendrimers, luminescent metal complexes and metal or semiconducting nanoparticles.

The group, taking advantage of a strong background in inorganic and organic photochemistry and electrochemistry, has gained considerable expertise in the design and investigation of supramolecular species as prototypes of molecular-level switches, antennas, and sensors. It is fully equipped for steady-state and time-resolved photophysical equipments as well as voltammetric and spectroelectrochemical techniques to investigate the behaviour of multicomponent systems in solution, but also to study their organization on solid supports and at the single-molecule level.

Particular attention is devoted to luminescent materials for light-emitting diodes (LED) and sensing applications, as well as to multichromophoric systems for energy conversion into:  light of higher frequency (energy up-conversion systems), electricity (solar cells) and fuels (artificial photosynthesis).

The research activity on Silicon nanocrystals functionalized with photo- and electroactive moieties of increasing complexity has been funded by an ERC Starting Grant (PhotoSi): the aim of the project is to explore and rationalize the optical and electronic properties of the resulting hybrid materials and test their performances as light-harvesting antennas and charge carriers in solar cells.


April 2017: Chem paper on the luminescence of silicon nanocrystals sensitized by two-photon absorbing antenna, as highlighted by UniBo Magazine

March 2017: Paola Ceroni is member of the Advisory Board of Dalton Transaction (RSC)



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